Protection against bites, scratches and abrasions

          Extended sleeve length with thumb hole for added hand/wrist protection    Vented mesh back and underarms for comfort

 Designed by experts in the field

SafeGuard Protective Apparel Armguards were conceptualized by professionals with extensive experience working with children and adults with significant behavioral and developmental disorders. The closed-cell foam protects the wearer from bites, scratches, and abrasions.
  • Extremely bite resistant
  • Highly abrasion resistant

Field-tested, safe and effective

SafeGuard Protective Apparel provides an alternative to protective gear borrowed from sports and martial arts domains. Such gear is often bulky, conspicuous in appearance, and focused solely on protecting the wearer.

Field-tested, SafeGuard Protective Apparel is:

  • Durable with machine-washable fabrics
  • Strong yet flexible
  • Offers a split-finger design to make note-taking easier
  • Easy to pull on and off 
  • Available in four sizes