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Provider reports positive results using SafeGuard Protective jacket.

Lauren Lovell, BCBA and Owner of Lauren A. Lovell Inc. of Cape Coral, Florida, purchased two jackets from Safeguard Protective Apparel to address a problem with an eight year old child with autism served by her agency.  The child was highly aggressive toward his providers during the 12 – 18 hours of home therapy provided each week.  Arm protectors and foam pads were not enough to prevent injuries to his therapists.  The child found ways around the protective pads, looking for any area of bare skin on the provider to bite or scratch.

After seeing our jacket at the ABPA Conference, Lauren decided it was worth a try.  She purchased two jackets:  one for the individual provider and one for herself or anyone else that needed to help during an aggressive episode.

Lauren reported almost immediate positive results!   She was thrilled that the jacket did not look intimidating to the child and that it protected the provider’s arms, chest, and back.  She also found that the child’s aggression dramatically decreased when it did not achieve the intended result (tissue damage, provider’s defensive posture).   This decline in aggressive behavior quickly became more normal in his overall behavior.  His therapists also expressed satisfaction and indicated that they can now take him into the community with much less concern for his and their safety.  They are also able to avoid alarming the public about the child due to the casual appearance of the protective jacket.  Perhaps most rewarding for Lauren and her staff, the child has reduced self-injurious behavior, making him independently safer in addition to his therapists.

 This type of success story is exactly why the creators of Safeguard Protective Apparel designed and produced this jacket.  Better protection against injury is good for both the provider and the individual served. 

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